AWRA State Water Plans Monograph

The American Water Resources Association (AWRA) recently (December, 2018) posted results obtained from their National Leadership Institute Workshop for State Officials.   Seventeen states and their water planning methods and products are…

Interstates Committee--2006 Interstate Water Solutions Report

This 2006 Report was a substantial work product of the Interstates Committee.  In 2019, the Interstate Water Management Committee will be updating this report.  The Executive Summary and final full Report can be downloaded. In…

ICWP 2019 Committee Meeting Schedule

Click here to see the 2019 ICWP Committee's Schedule

Water Data & Science Committee Webinar: USGS Next Generation Water Observation System

Chad Wagner and Mike Woodside from the USGS presented a webinar to the ICWP Water Data and Science Committee on December 13, 2018. The presentation is here.