Minutes Board of Directors meeting August 5, 2021

In Attendance: Kirsten Wallace, Sue Lowry, Drew Dehoff, Julie Cunningham, Heidi Moltz, Matt Unruh, Amy Shallcross, and Mabel Jones

Call to Order:

Kirsten Wallace, ICWP Board Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:03 a.m. Central time.  The Board summary from the July 1, 2021 call was approved.  Drew Dehoff made the motion to approve the summary and Matt Unruh seconded the motion.  The meeting summary was approved by unanimous voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report:

Drew reviewed the Treasurer’s in the absence of Brian Atkins and reported total assets were $145,508.15 after expenses as of July 31, 2021.  Further discussion on the Blue Water Outlook proposal was deferred to a later date.  The treasurer’s report is attached.

Executive Director’s Report:

The Executive Director’s Report dated July 31, 2021 is attached and was distributed the full Board.   

ICWP Executive Director Sue Lowry discussed recent work for the 2021 ICWP Annual meeting.  Sue also mentioned recent discussions she’s had with NWSA and WSWC staff regarding YouTube channels those organizations utilize for additional information sharing with membership and Board members.  She has created an ICWP YouTube channel and recordings from the two committee meetings held in July are posted there. 


Sue mentioned the positive feedback and participation with Van Scoyoc Associates providing updates with the ICWP Legislation and Policy Committee conference calls.  Kirsten discussed the value these updates provide to all membership and encouraged continued promotion.  Additional discussion took place on potential future topics of interest, including the President’s budget and infrastructure bill details, the Streamgage Stakeholder letter, and polling membership to inquire about potential topics of relevance in relation to WRDA2022 development.

Amy Shallcross provided an update on the Water Data and Science Committee, including information on the July Webinar where John Yagecic presented on the Delaware River Basin Commission’s real-time data dashboards as well as the opportunity to join the Western States Water Council’s Water Information and Data Subcommittee for a joint August meeting.  

Drew provided an update on the Interstate Water Management Committee, including discussion on the intern project related to interstate organization funding slated to be presented this fall as well as the Don Blankenau presentation on the GA v FL recent SCOTUS decision scheduled for the August Committee meeting.  There was also discussion on trans-basin diversion projects presentations to be set later in the year as well as mention of potential transition in Committee leadership as Drew and others transition into new roles within the organization in the future.  

Sue provided an update on the Water Planning Committee, including the upcoming presentation from Mindi Dalton, USGS Program Coordinator, on their Water Availability and Use Science Program.  

Strategic Plan Update:

Sue report that two different versions of the ICWP Strategic Plan are currently posted to the ICWP webpage and inquired with Board members regarding the desired frequency for future organizational strategic planning discussions.  The consensus of Board members present was to have these strategic planning discussions on an annual basis.  Sue also inquired about additional principle statements for consideration leading up to the annual meeting.  Extreme precipitation and disaster resiliency were noted as current topics, and Sue agreed to draft up “straw dog” statements for each and circulate to the relevant committees for their input prior to bringing to the Board in time to include in the Annual Membership meeting discussion at Philadelphia. 


Sue reported process involved with invoicing for membership dues as well as the potential for new membership from Mississippi.  Sue also discussed potential high priority targets for new membership development and the potential to consider reestablishment of a membership subcommittee.

Upcoming ICWP Meetings:

The 2021 Annual meeting is planned for the week of October 11 at the Wyndham Hotel in the Philadelphia Historic District.  Amy Shallcross and Sue provided an update on program planning efforts and topics on the current draft agenda.  Sue also mentioned additional efforts planned to highlight hybrid options for meeting participation and potential additional tech support needs.  Drew and Amy discussed reaching out to local contacts regarding additional tech/GoToMeeting support for the meeting.  Drew also mentioned COVID-related considerations which are being accounted for in planning efforts.  

Sue also reported that the 2022 D.C. Roundtable will be held April 5-7, 2022, at the DoubleTree Crystal City. Roundtable meetings would take place Tuesday and Wednesday, with Hill visits anticipated for Thursday.  

Board Meetings:

Next call scheduled for September 2, 2021 at 9 a.m. Central time.  


The meeting was adjourned at 10:01 a.m. Central Time.