Minutes Board of Directors meeting December 7, 2018

Interstate Council on Water Policy

Summary of Board Meeting (Via phone)

December 7, 2018

In attendance:Brian Atkins, Chair; Sue Lowry, Executive Director; Drew Dehoff; Earl Lewis, Kirstin Wallace; Jen Orr; Jennifer Hogget; Amy Shallcross; Heidi Moltz.

Action Items for Board:

  1. Provide pictures, bios and testimonials for website
  2. Review draft website (icwpdev.com)
  3. Refresh old interstate report (Interstate Committee)
  4. Provide NextGen Feedback (WD&S Committee)
  5. Draft DOI Comment letter and request presentation and roundtable (L&P Committee)
  6. Sue will prepare ACWI membership application
  7. Drew to provide name of SRBC ACWI Hydrology Committee Representative to Sue
  8. Sue to provide contact list of committee members


  1. October and November Minutes Approved
  2. Continue multi-signature letters
  3. ICWP will put in application to remain in ACWI.  Brian will represent ICWP.
  4. Keep Roundtable in first week of April unless hotel continued to be an issue

Meeting Discussion:

  • Brian Atkins called the meeting to order at 10:04 am EST.
  • The board agreed to the proposed agenda (but did not get to all topics).
  • Minutes –  Approval of 10/4 and 11/16 minutes: Moved by Earl, Second by Drew. All agreed. Minutes approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report– see spreadsheet (attached). Ryan’s outstanding expense issue was resolved.  Net balance as of November 30 was $84, 627.48.  Still expecting dues from AWI (additional paperwork sent) and PA dues (Jen Orr will check on status).
  • E.D. report– see separate document (attached). Sue made good contacts on the trip to DC at OMB, OSTP (reconnected with that office). At AWRA, most people she met did not know much about ICWP, but there was a lot of interest from consulting firms. Attendance at AWRA and the National Leadership Institute was worthwhile for contacts and Sue will follow up with NLI states, where she identified opportunities for new members.
  • Website –There is no set launch date, but it is expected by end of month. If by the end of month, ICWP will no longer be paying for Oturia to host the (old) site. Sue requested that Board members provide comments on draft site (soon).  See www.icwpdev.com. Outstanding issues/tasks are photos and adding archived material – searchable and chronological.  Sue will ask if we are paying for stock photos and what we are paying. Photos and bios of Board members are still needed.
  • ACWI –ICWP has had a seat on advisory committee on water information.  Sue was the representative with Peter as alternate.  All of Committees have been on hiatus, but now reactivated.  Don Cline and Tim Petty decided to review the committees and open them up membership.  We still want to be a member.  Brian is interested in being the ICWP representative. Amy expressed desire to be an alternate and Jen Orr will find someone from PA to also serve as alternate.  Drew will send contact info on SRBC’s representative on the Sub-Committee on Hydrology to Sue. – Amy moved to keep ICWP as a member of ACWI. Earl seconded. All agreed to stay on ACWI.  ICWP will be applying for ACWI position and put in application by December 31.  Board felt it would be appropriate for Brian to be representative.  Earl suggested that representation be determined by the Chair, so that replacement representatives would not need Board approval.
  • Streamflow Information Collaborative –has a Federal Chair and non-federal co-chair and ICWP (Ryan) has served as the non-federal chair. Ryan suggested Sue move into the co-chair position.  The federal chair will be USGS – Sandy Egbert, Science advisor to Chad Wagner.  Workload is not too heavy, primarily facilitating the monthly calls with the federal co-chair.  Committee deals with how federal streamflow information is shared, items, similar to Sara Larson’s work, data-sharing portal, etc.  Amy and Brian expressed support of Sue for chair.  Sue will put meeting announcements on the website and/or send to WD&S Committee list.
  • Infrastructure Round Table (water sub-cabinet)Sue has been participating on the planning calls with the WSWC for an Infrastructure symposium to be scheduled for fall, 2019.  Some of the Federal WESTFast agency reps are also involved on this planning committee and have kept the group apprised of the work of the Water Sub-cabinet.  As an Executive Order related to the work of the Sub-cabinet is expected soon, the planning group is suggesting a staggered approach to getting the information out concerning the activities of the Sub-Cabinet.  One venue being discussed is the ICWP-NWSA joint meeting in early April. As NWRA will also be meeting in DC April 1-3, all organizations (NWRA, ICWP, NWSA, WSWC) may hold a joint panel on the afternoon of April 3 to announce these Sub-cabinet activities and hopefully have the federal agency principles attend.  This portion of the meeting potentially will be at the Embassy Suites which is where the NWRA is meeting. 
  • DC Roundtable – original candidate hotels are all booked. The Wink no longer has per diem rate sleeping rooms available. Dave Mitamura (NWSA ED) is looking at options for us since he will be in DC next week.  NWSA – will co-sponsor Roundtable, so meeting room space for 60 people for 1.5 days is needed with a maximum of about $7,000 max for food and space to keep registration reasonable.  Hotel needs to meet federal per-diem for sleeping rooms.  Preference is to still stay with first week of April, but meeting could be moved later while Congress is in recess for spring break (middle of April). Shifting to Sun-Wed or Wed-Sat is ok, but not preferred and Sun-Wed if preferable if need be.  Renaissance Capitol View may be an option.  Any locations on Metro were thought to be OK.
  • Committees –  meetings are gearing up.  Sue has received responses for representatives and interest on Committees.  Good agenda for each. Earl would like list of who is on the Committees thus far.
    • L&P- 12/10 @ 8 MT
    • D&S _ webinar 12/13 @ 1 MT
    • Interstate – 12/14 9 @MT
    • Water Planning – 12/17 @ 9 MT
  • DOI Reorganization –Kirstin discussed conversation with Charlie Wooley.  There is concern that the reorganization will hurt relationships already developed. The impetus of unified regions is to resolve internal federal issues and is not necessarily ideal for water related issues.  For some purposes, the restructuring may help, there may be unintended consequences for other purposes. The efficacy, responsiveness, attention to issues, use of staff resources, may depend on which agency the regional facilitator is housed.  Also, ICWP and others have expended significant effort to secure funding for various programs and we are seeing too much attention on administrative issues related to re-structuring.  ICWP’s role should be on informing DOI how this re-structuring may affect the members. ICWP effort could be a letter about the need for a watershed approach with examples (e.g. Mississippi) and the potential need for exceptions to the new structure.  Sue and Kirstin will draft a letter to Secretary Zinke, copying Susan Combs, the Assistant secretary and DOI agency leadership.  Letter should also request an opportunity for engagement at Roundtable. 
  • One Page ICWP Information Document– ready to go. Will be added to webpage.
  • Next Meeting Date – January 3, 2019. 11 am ET, 10 am CT, 9 am MT

Adjourned – at 11:12 am. Amy moved.  Earl seconded.