Minutes Board of Directors meeting February 7, 2019

In attendance:Brian Atkins, Chair; Sue Lowry, Executive Director; Julie Cunningham; Drew Dehoff; Earl Lewis; Lauren Salvato (for Kirstin Wallace); Jennifer Hogget; Amy Shallcross; Heidi Moltz; Dru Buntin, Ed Swain, Jen Orr-Greene.

Action Items for Board:

  1. Register for the Round Table
  2. Make hotel reservations for Round Table to take advantage of the $179/day rate
  3. Provide bios, photos and testimonials for website.
  4. Provide ideas/contacts for pursuing sustaining partners/sponsors for Roundtable
  5. Provide topic ideas for intern
  6. Provide suggestions for speakers at the Roundtable


  1. Approved December Minutes. (Moved by Drew Dehoff, Second by Julie Cunningham, All in favor)
  2. No other agenda items required a Board vote.

Meeting Discussion:

  • Brian Atkins called the meeting to order at 11:04 am EST.  A quorum was present.
  • The board agreed to the proposed agenda. Added budget status discussion. 
  • Minutes – The January 3, 2019 Board minutes were approved.  Drew Dehoff moved.  Julie Cunningham Second. Minutes approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report– Balance on 1/31 of $86,985.88 with one outstanding liability (E.D, Invoice).  The net fund balance is $82,185.88.  January expenses included the final payment for Herculiz (website), 1099 filing, and Wyoming Secretary of State annual filing and received annual dues payment from PA.  Upcoming expenses include up to $90/month for website maintenance and some roundtable expenses. Budget Status:  Ahead in revenue ($83,000 in budget, $100,571 YTD).  Behind in expenses. It is anticipated that there will be $10,000 surplus to add to the reserve. The intent is to build the reserve to one year’s worth of operating expenses over the next five years (at $8900/year). The surplus is assuming money is not lost as a result of having the Roundtable. ICWP is sharing the expense of the RT with NWSA.  ICWP is managing the registrations and then expenses will be divided based on attendance from each organization.  NWSA will pay for their separate Thursday meeting expenses. Sue and  Dru are pursuing Illinois for membership. Jen O-G will discuss membership with ORSANCO.  ORSANCO has some concerns because they are more water quality focused and their perception is that ICWP is quantity focused. 
  • E.D. report– see separate document (attached).  Most of the Sue’s time this month was spent on Round Table.  She will speak with Don Cline next week about RT and discussion on Thursday Morning.  We would like to discuss the Presidential Memo on Water Reliability and the associated Action Plan. Sue sent potential hotel options in Mobile to Ava.  Sue made contact with Dan Yates, who sent email introduction on the Groundwater Protection Council and Department of Energy about their Water Security Grand Challenge – 5 goals (EPA and DOE). 
  • Website –Good to be able to post. Sue is still working on Bios, Photos and Testimonials.  Sue will post committee meeting summaries when they are approved. 
  • ACWI – The letter submitted with proposed members (Brian as representative. Amy, as alternate). Nothing has happened since shutdown, but we did get an acknowledgement of our letter.
  • Streamflow Information Collaborative –Sue is now serving as the co-chair.  Due to the shutdown, the group did not meet in January.  Next call on 2/12. Up-coming call is on updates with NWIS.  Members should consider asking their technical staff to attend the webinar.
  • Committees –Additional participants would be appreciated.
    • L&P- The Legislative and Policy Committeemet in Jan. Finalized letter on DOI Reorganization.  Now that Acting Sec. Bernhardt is officially the nominee, expect proposals to move forward. Sue will follow-up for speaker at RT for reorganization.  Sue felt posting letter on Linked-in was effective. A press release was sent to EE News, but they did not run it. PA wanted more details on the impacts to USGS.  Committee is now preparing for RT, developing 1-page fact sheets on their identified priorities for ICWP Hill visits during the RT: 
      • DOI Reorganization; 
      • USGS Stream gage support, 
      • Support for NIDIS, DEWS (Drought Early Warning),
      • Liability issues with USACE in their partnership agreements, 
      • Support for National Water Model-encouraging more work on water supply forecasting
      • PAS. 
    • WD&S: The Water Data and Science Committee:Did not meet in January due to shutdown. The next meeting is 2/21.  Molly Maupin will be the next speaker/webinar and will discuss USGS efforts on WU data collection and information gathered through the WU grant program.  Committee will also discuss letter of support for NexGen program. 
    • Interstate Water Management: The next call on 2/27.  First goal of the committee is to refresh the 2006 Interstate report to make it more useful and revisit the Case Studies. The Committee will compile summary of interstate organizations and create a primer about the various organizational approaches that are possible.  The next steps will be to develop a new mission statement for the update. There are no assignments yet, but at next call specific tasks will be assigned. Sue will look for charter.
    • Water Planning– There is some concern about the reduction in participants on the last call. They discussed water plans from participants and gathered more background on water planning. One interesting issue that arose was the definition of storage (east v west).  Also discussed was the authority of states to prioritize and implement projects.  In many cases, lots of stakeholder input and coordination required for implementation.  A good intern project would be to develop a summary of different states water planning frameworks.  The next call is on February 25th.  They plan to focus on scenario planning to look at changes in drivers over time (change in water use over time – availability, economic drivers, etc.) They will also define priorities.  Next week Jen will send email to group to encourage attendance and restate how members benefit from the meeting. Sue will hold off on creating the next agenda.
  • Internship Program– Heidi led the effort to find an intern. Deadline for applications is Friday (2/8).  Two promising applications have been received. topics they may be involved with include USGS Support Letter, Planning Authorities, Interstate Report Update, Congressional Directory (members and what committees). Peter Evans will also help. 
  • DC Roundtable – Sue requested that Board members register. The agenda is being updated and posted weekly.  Water Cabinet on Wednesday afternoon should be exciting. The Board meeting will likely be Wednesday evening for those members staying over for the Thursday meetings.  
  • Summer Face-to-Face Board meeting– Dru and Brian both felt that having extended face-to-face time can be very beneficial for the discussion of strategy and direction topics, both for the Board as well as the assignments to the Committees.  Estes Park was mentioned as a possible venue for 2019.  This will be discussed when the Board is together at the RT. 
  • Next Meeting Date – March 7, 2019.11 am ET, 10 am CT, 9 am MT
  • Adjourned – at 12:22 pm. (Dru moved. Second Amy).