Minutes Board of Directors meeting January 3, 2019

Interstate Council on Water Policy

Summary of Board Meeting (Via phone)

January 3, 2019

In attendance:Brian Atkins, Chair; Sue Lowry, Executive Director; Julie Cunningham; Drew Dehoff; Earl Lewis; Kirstin Wallace; Jennifer Hogget; Amy Shallcross; Heidi Moltz.

Action Items for Board:

  1. Review DOI letter when final draft issued 
  2. Review draft website (icwp.com).  Check for organization. Send comments to Sue.
  3. Provide pictures, bios and testimonials for website
  4. Review draft Roundtable agenda and provide comments and suggestions to Sue


  1. Approved December Minutes. (Moved by Earl, Second by Drew, All in favor)
  2. Approved DOI letter with the suggested edits discussed on call. (Moved by Earl, Second by Amy, All in Favor).    
  3. Approved procurement of Event Insurance (estimated $200) for Roundtable (ask NWSA to share cost). (Amy moved, Second by Julie, All in favor)
  4. Approved continued relationship with web developer Herculiz to maintain website for $90 every other month. (Amy moved. Second by Drew, All in favor).
  5. Decided not to issue a statement about “attacks on science” at this time.

Meeting Discussion:

  • Brian Atkins called the meeting to order at 11:06 am EST.  A quorum was present.
  • The board agreed to the proposed agenda (but did not get to all topics). 
  • Minutes –  The December 7 Board minutes were approved.  Board discussed whether to include items discussed in the Board meeting summaries in the summaries posted on the website, particularly the Treasurer’s Notes and the Executive Director’s Report.  The general feeling was to only post the summary, although some felt it would improve transparency as a 501c3 organization. It was also noted that it would allow potential members to show a record of what we do and keep all materials from the meeting together. Another possibility is to post the E.D. report on website.  Google Analytics can be used to see what pages are typically viewed by the public. The discussion was postponed for a future meeting and only meeting summaries will be posted for now.
  • Treasurer’s Report– see spreadsheet (attached).  The net balance was $81,875.58.  The only liability, Avocet Invoice, will be paid this week. Received Alabama Water Institute dues.PA dues still outstanding, but auditor’s paperwork submitted to PA (Sue will ask Jen Orr to check on status).  The website developer’s invoice was less than expected.  Check was issued yesterday.
  • E.D. report– see separate document (attached). All committees met in December.  Work on Roundtable continued. The Website was launched.  
  • Website –Board members are pleased with the website.  The new website will allow Sue to post documents and add content to the website. The web developer offers a maintenance package for a small fee ($90 every other month), to update the software (WordPress) and make changes to the website architecture (tabs, drop down boxes, programming features, etc.). Sue noted we also have a security certificate.  Sue welcomed the Board to send comments to her for suggestions on the website.
  • ACWI – The letter submitted with proposed members (Brian as representative. Amy, as alternate). ICWP has had a seat on advisory committee on water information.  Previously, Sue was the representative with Peter as alternate.  
  • Streamflow Information Collaborative – Sue is now serving as the co-chair.  Currently the committee is still in the information gathering stage, but the intent is for a report to be developed within the next year or so. SRBC has limited their participation until more substantive discussions are underway. 
  • DC Roundtable –  The Roundtable will be held at the Doubletree Crystal City.  The Doubletree requires event insurance. ICWP has not had event insurance in the past. Sue received the name of some companies that provide event insurance and the fee is approximately $200. Since this is a joint meeting, Sue will ask NWSA if they would share the cost. The Board agreed that ICWP should obtain event insurance for the Roundtable. Sue prepared a draft agenda for the Roundtable. Please review the agenda and get comments and suggestions to Sue.
  • Committees –  All four Committee met in December (see E.D. Report). Brian complemented work on the Committees.  Board members would like to be copied with Committee meeting and minutes emails to keep abreast of the work of the committees. 
    • L&P- The Legislative and Policy Committee had extensive discussions on the DOI reorganization and a draft letter was shared with the Board.  There may be a discrepancy among member opinion as to the reorganization by geopolitical vs watershed boundaries, so the letter will focus on the need for more consultation and collaboration.  The Board made some suggestions and approved the letter for Brian’s signature contingent upon the edits discussed today. Sue and Kirsten will finalize and share with the Board with only a few days for comment.  The intent is to get the letter to DOI as soon as possible, since ICWP is asking for the delay of implementation, scheduled for July 1, until more of the states can be consulted.  It was suggested that the letter should be sent in an announcement to the membership to show activity by ICWP.  Meetings of the Committee will be on the second Friday of every month.  The next call is on  1/11 at 9:00 am CDT. 
    • WD&S: The Water Data and Science Committee met on December 13 for a Webinar on the USGS NextGen water observation system and discussed topics of interest.  There was significant interest in water use data (what are state laws, how is it collected, etc.).  Molly Maupin mentioned that USGS had lots of information from the WU grant program that has not been compiled.  Amy suggested that ICWP write a letter requesting that they summarize the information. Molly Maupin will give a webinar at the next WDSC meeting (not yet scheduled). There was also interest in a policy statement about “attacks on science” but the Board was not enthusiastic about this.  AWRA had written a statement in Baltimore, but it has not been broadly distributed by AWRA. The next committee meeting has not yet been scheduled.
    • Interstate Water Management: The committee met on December 14thwith lots of new individuals participating. They reviewed the charge, strategic plan recommendations from Estes Park.  They plan to review and update the 2006 Interstate report.  From the discussion at the NLI in Baltimore, it was evident that there is limited knowledge about how interstates work and how many there are. An inventory of interstate organizations will be developed and an overview of each organization’s roles may be developed. The committee plans to meet monthly for the first six months with the next meeting on January 23.  The next topic of discussion is what interstate conversations do they want to have during the Washington Roundtable. 
    • Water Planning – The committee met on December 17 and had good representation.  There was discussion about the planning efforts going on and it was apparent that there are different reasons and impetuses for water supply planning in each state. Also of interest is how organizations are looking for storage opportunities and how to choose scenarios for planning efforts.  Next call is January 14th
  • Membership –Sue prepared a spreadsheet of previous memberships and dues paid.  It took some time to compile, but will help to target former members to rejoin.  Sue also noted that consulting firm support had been higher in past fiscal years, particularly the last 3 years of Peter’s time as ED.
  • Next Meeting Date – February 7, 2019. 11 am ET, 10 am CT, 9 am MT
  • Adjourned – at 12:37 pm. (Earl moved. Second Drew)