Minutes Board of Directors meeting March 7, 2019

In attendance:Brian Atkins, Chair; Sue Lowry, Executive Director; Drew Dehoff; Amy Shallcross; Heidi Moltz; Jen Orr-Greene. Matt Unruh (for Earl Lewis)

Action Items for Board:

  1. Register for the Round Table
  2. Let Sue know if you will be able to attend Peter’s party on Monday evening
  3. Let Sue know if you will be able to attend the Board Meeting on Wednesday evening.


  1. Approved the February 7, 2019 Minutes. (Moved by Amy Shallcross, Second by Matt Unruh, All in favor)
  2. Monthly summary will be included into minutes, but not in the posted version (decision/voting not required).

Meeting Discussion:

Brian Atkins called the meeting to order at 11:04 am EST[SA1] .  A quorum was present.

Minutes – The February 7, 2019 Board minutes were approved.  (Amy Shallcross, Second by Matt Unruh, All in favor)

Treasurer’s Report– See attached spreadsheet.  Net assets are $85, 916.15.  Dues were received from Nebraska DNR. There were no liabilities other than the Avocet invoice. Expected expenses next month will be $135 to Herculiz. There is good sponsorship for the Roundtable.  Ott is upgrading from an affiliate to a bronze sustaining partner. Barr is also upgrading to a bronze sustaining partner. Sue will have some upcoming travel expenses for meetings this summer.

E.D. report– see separate document (attached).  Sue highlighted a few items.  Three interns have been engaged. Peter and Heidi were helpful in framing their assignments.  The strategy session with USGS should be well attended by USGS representatives. ACWI – did not get response on membership (due to deadline during shutdown).  USGS will re-notice. The USGS Hydrologic Instrumentation Office will be moving to Tuscaloosa, near the National Water Center.  The National Drought Forum will be in DC in July. NIDIS asked Sue to be an advisor. Sue looked into software that would identify member congressional representatives and on what committees they serve, but it was too expensive even to share with NWSA or WSWC. 

Website –The first round of Word Press updates was completed. A tab will be made for each committee. The Roundtable registration form is working.    

ACWI – USGS will issue another solicitation for membership. It is unlikely that ICWP will need to resubmit.

Streamflow Information Collaborative –Next call is on March 12.  There will be a presentation on the Interoperable Watershed Network Pilot.


  • L&P- The Legislative and Policy Committee:For the Roundtable, DOI may not be available to discuss the reorganization. The revised streamgage funding letter was updated with budget information and sent to members. Jackson (intern) is working with Peter to identify stakeholders to endorse the letter. The L&P committee will identify the highest priorities issues for new position papers. The next call is March 14that 8 am Mountain.  
  • WD&S: The Water Data and Science Committee: Molly Maupin presented a webinar on Feb. 21 on water use topics.  Amy and Sue are working on a request letter to Molly outlining the topics we would like to see compiled and summarized from the initial state WUDR grants. Based on a conversation with Don Cline, the director at NOAA did not seem to appreciate the importance of streamgages for the National Water Model.  We may want to think about a non-budget letter emphasizing their importance. At the Roundtable, we need to discuss the use of the NWM for water supply forecasting with Tom Graziano. We noted that hydrologic models are not good at forecasting the extremes or the lack of wet weather. The next meeting will be schedule after we to talk to Peter Colohan at the Roundtable.
  • Interstate Water Management: The next call is on March 21.  They are focusing on updating the 2006 report.  They plan to prepare a four-page primer on the interstates. 
  • Water Planning– Jen Hoggatt reached out to different members to keep the momentum. A key area of interest was the scenario development for planning that CDM-Smith prepared for Missouri.  May 6 is next call, where CDM Smith will present. 

Internship Program– Three interns have been engaged. Jackson is working on finding support for the Streamgage letter. Emily will be working on the update of the interstate report.  Theresa is interested in USACE activities, but due to the breath of the topic would like her to focus on Planning Assistance to States. 

DC Roundtable – The agenda was coming together. We have met the room block requirement, but only have 30 paid registrations.  Food expenses will be the largest. Now that some of the details are final, Sue will purchase the event of insurance. Let Sue know if you will be at Peter’s. In the packet will be the streamgage letter, DOI Re-org letter, and testimony from last year, and NIDIS announcement for national drought forum. At the Round table, we would also like to discuss the liability with project-partner agreements with USACE.  The Strategy meeting with USGS is on Thursday. The Board will meet on Wednesday evening over dinner.

Annual meeting:Ava (works for Drew at SRBC) is developing an RFP for the annual meeting in Alabama. She will send it within the next week or so. 

Summer Face-to-Face Board meeting – Potential topic: position papers. Dru and Brian both felt that having extended face-to-face time can be very beneficial for the discussion of strategy and direction topics, both for the Board as well as the assignments to the Committees.  Estes Park was mentioned as a possible venue for 2019.  The week of August 19this the likely timeframe. Additional discussion on this will be held at the Board meeting.

Next Meeting Dates – Roundtable, April 3.   May 2, 2019.11 am ET, 10 am CT, 9 am MT

Adjourned – at 12:02 pm. (Jen OG – moved, Drew second)