Minutes Board of Directors meeting May 2, 2019

In attendance:Brian Atkins, Chair; Sue Lowry, Executive Director; Drew Dehoff; Amy Shallcross; Heidi Moltz; Earl Lewis; Rhonda Manning; Kirstin Wallace; Jennifer Hoggatt

Action Items for Board:

  1. Review E.D. Summary for Committee updates.
  2. Send black-out dates from June 15- August 31 to Sue to assist in scheduling to strategic planning board meeting (replaces Estes Park).
  3. Review FY2020 budget.  Send questions to Drew.


  1. The March 7, 2019 Minutes were approved. 
  2. The Strategic Planning meeting for 2019 will occur by webinar.  Board members are asked to devote the time to attend.
  3. Brian and Drew will work with Sue for a two-year contract for Avocet at the new proposed rate.
  4. June meeting has been moved to June 13 at 10 am East, 9 am Central, 8 am Mountain

Meeting Discussion:

Brian Atkins called the meeting to order at 11:04 am ET.  A quorum was present.

Minutes – The March 7, 2019 Board minutes were approved.  (Moved by Drew Dehoff, Second by Amy Shallcross, All in favor)

Treasurer’s Report– See attached spreadsheet.  Net assets are $70,292.72 in Wells Fargo and PayPal accounts. A check of $4764.60 from NWSA for joint Roundtable expenses is expected. Total liabilities are the Avocet Invoice (E.D.) plus her travel expenses for Round table. A notable expense since the last Board meeting was $180 for Herculiz for make non-post changes to the website (Word Press updates). The Roundtable made a modest profit of $178. Note that the sponsorship dues include attendance at either the Round Table or Annual Meeting and that was not included in the accounting.  Drew also noted that the budget for the Round Table included Sue’s travel. By the end of May, Sue will provide a draft cover letter of ICWP accomplishments to be sent with membership invoices.  Sue’s goal is to send the invoices by June 10th

E.D. report– see separate document (attached).  Sue highlighted a few items. 

  • Drew Dehoff’s assistant released the RFP for the annual meeting Hotel in Mobile, AL. We received four responses, two were adequate for room size and catering. Recommendation is the Renaissance Hotel, which is across street from convention center, but not close to the airport.  Attendees will need to use Uber or a paid shuttle to get the meeting. Brian mentioned that it was the nicest hotel and convenient to downtown.  One additional advantage of the Renaissances is that they do not require a minimum number of rooms for the block rate. Board authorized Sue to pursue contract with Renaissance hotel and Hilton Admiral as a second choice. (moved: Amy Shallcross, second: Earl Lewis). 
  • At the June Meeting, the Board vacancy created by Ed Swain will be discussed. 
  • FY19 Budget. Year to date, revenue is up by $42,221, but it is unlikely that more revenue will be generated.  There is $14,311 remaining in the budget for the year., but it is anticipated that all predicted expenses will be covered. Known remaining expenses of $12,000 for Avocet.  It is anticipated that $10,245 will be deposited in the reserve account.
  • FY 2020 Budget was reviewed.  Based on a similar level of revenue as last year. Sue’s travel budget was increased because she is getting more requests to speak and has been effective meeting with Congressional representatives and committees.  The fee for Avocet (Sue’s services as Executive Director) was also increased (see E.D. contract below). It is anticipated that additional members (Il, ORSANCO, Stan-tech) may join.
  • The Board discussed the Strategic Planning meeting.  Due to upcoming related meetings (July 17-19, 2019—WSWC Summer meeting, Leavenworth WA; July 30-31, 2019—National Drought Forum—Washington DC; September 16-19, 2019 WSWC Water Information Management Systems Workshop at Ft. Collins, CO; and the Annual meeting) several of the Board members were concerned about the amount of travel. The Board members also felt that there were items from the 2018 meeting upon which the Committees were still working. The Board decided that the Strategic Planning meeting for 2019will occur by webinar, but the 2020 meeting should likely be in person. Sue will work to find a good date for Board Members.
  • July 30-31, 2019—National Drought Forum—Washington DC .  The venue is not large, so not all of the ICWP member will be able to attend. 
  • September 16-19, 2019 WSWC Water Information Management Systems Workshop at Ft. Collins, CO

Committees – See E.D. Report (attached).

Avocet Contract/Sue Lowry Compensation.  Sue has been working more hours than she anticipated. She would like to continue working as the Executive Director for ICWP. The level of effort is more than a part-time position (almost full-time) and she would like her compensation to be increased from $48k to $66k and if additional time/effort is needed, it would be handled on a task order basis, compensation.  She was concerned that some of the committee work would absorb too much of her time, although Drew’s staff and others will assume more of those responsibilities. The budget can absorb the additional compensation if ICWP maintains its current income.  Drew noted that Sue’s fee is less than what was paid to either Peter or Ryan. Board members also need to work on recruiting members, but Sue has been successful in signing new members and the increase to her travel budget noted in the Treasurer’s Report will help with recruitment efforts. Drew noted that current members are anticipated to stay members and sustaining memberships have been increasing their levels. Board feels Sue represents ICWP well and she has raised ICWP’s profile. Board decided to pursue a two-year contract with Sue to preserve.  However, contracts are written with a termination clause, so the Board is not concerned about the longer duration contract. The contract will be similar to the existing contract except for the duration and compensation. Brian and Drew were authorized to develop and negotiate a contract with Sue. (moved: Earl Lewis, second: Amy Shallcross, all in favor). 

Next meeting:  June 13that 10 am ET.  

Meeting Adjourned at 12:20 pm ET.  (Moved Drew Dehoff, Second Earl Lewis, All in favor).