Minutes Board of Directors meeting May 7, 2020

In attendance: Amy Shallcross, Sue Lowry, Drew Dehoff, Jodee Pring, Julie Cunningham, Kirsten Wallace, Earl Lewis, Rhonda Manning, Jennifer Hoggatt and Brian Atkins


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Action Items:

  • Jennifer Hoggatt will reach out to Barr Engineering to see if they are still interested in being one of ICWP’s Bronze members;
  • Sue will check on the Philadelphia Wyndham Hotel contract regarding contingencies that may arise due to the pandemic;
  • Sue will draft a letter to be sent with the invoices announcing the release of the intestate report.


Amy Shallcross called the meeting to order at 10:53 am Central time.  The agenda was not modified.  The Board summary from the April 2, 2020 call was approved by unanimous voice vote.  Drew Dehoff made the motion to approve and Earl Lewis seconded.  

Treasurer’s Report:

Drew Dehoff reviewed the Treasure’s report.  Total net assets were $109,446.14 after expenses as of April 30th.  Indiana’s dues were received during April which was very good news.  Jennifer Hoggatt will reach out to Barr Engineering to see if they are still interested in being one of ICWP’s Bronze members.

A proposed budget for FY2021 was presented for the members to consider and will be voted on during the June Board call.  

Executive Director Report:

The Executive Director Report dated April 30, 2020 is attached and was distributed to the full Board.  

Sue Lowry, Executive Director, mentioned that she had conversations with Vicki Lukas, USGS, and J.B. Byrd, 3DEP (3D Elevation Program) Coalition director, integration between NHD and 3DEP products.  regarding how ICWP could help advocate for the USGS National Hydrography Dataset (NHD).  The goal will be to work more to help coordinate both programs and their products.     

Sue also reported that In-Situ, one of ICWP’s Bronze Members, hosted a webinar on using water data collection tools in academic classrooms and they had invited ICWP to make a short presentation as a part of this webinar.  The goal of the presentation was to broaden our message that Water Resource and Research Institutes at colleges and universities are eligible to join ICWP as an Affiliate member.  Sue reported that the presentation went well.

The intern, Sarah Wingfield completed her tasks and recently finished her internship.  Also, Andrew Tabas, a recent Georgetown graduate that also helped Sue recently finished his tasks.  Both did a great job and a list of what they accomplished is in the Executive Director’s report.


Legislation and Policy (met Feb. 28) 

  • On April 21, Sue sent an email to ICWP members that announced that the Senate EPW Committee was conducting an information-gathering process entitled “An Information-Gathering Process on Draft Legislation entitled, America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2020 (WRDA) and the Drinking Water Infrastructure Act of 2020”; 
  • Kirsten Wallace, Legislation and Policy (L&P) Committee Chair, proposed talking about the WRDA legislation on the May 14th L&P Committee call; Sue will invite the full ICWP membership to participate in the May 14 committee meeting to discuss WRDA (AWIA)
  • Next meeting scheduled for May 14.

Water Data and Science (met April 29)   

  • Tom Littlepage from Alabama chaired the April 29th meeting because Amy Shallcross, committee chair, had a conflict;
  • Ashley Ward and Peter Colohan, Internet of Water, presented on their Peer2Peer network for states;
  • Since there has been a lot of discussion in recent months regarding NOAA’s Atlas 14 initiative; Sue plans to reach out to Dr. Daniel Wright, University of Wisconsin, regarding his research and how it compares with Atlas 14.

Interstate Water Management   (met Feb. 3)

  • Drew Dehoff reported that the interstate report and primer is being worked on by Drew’s graphic designer.   The report and primer had been on track to be presented at the Roundtable but the pandemic disrupted progress.  
  • Drew and Sue talked about a revised roll-out plan for the report and when to release it; may release the report when invoices are sent out during the summer.  Sue will draft a letter to be sent with the invoices announcing the release of the intestate report.
  • The next committee call has not been set yet. 

Water Planning (met March 2) 

  • Jennifer Hoggatt reported that Matt Unruh, Kansas Water Office, will give a presentation during the next meeting;
  • Next meeting will be May 18th.

Upcoming ICWP Meetings:

Summer Board Planning Session — week of August 24, 2020 

  • Scheduled to be held at the YMCA Camp in Estes Park, CO at the same location as before (Monday – Wednesday);
  • Currently, the YMCA Camp facility is completely closed due to the pandemic.  The Board discussed that holding a face-to-face Board strategy meeting this summer may face obstacles.  Some states are already discussing travel restrictions due both to COVID as well as budget concerns. The Board will decide on the June call whether to pursue meeting in person or use a virtual format. 

2020 Annual Meeting — week of October 12, 2020 

  • The annual meeting will be held in Philadelphia, PA the week of October 12th at the Wyndham Historic District Hotel (Tuesday – Thursday).  Amy has been working on a great list of potential speaker and topics.
  • Sue will check on hotel contract regarding pandemic contingencies.  It was also mentioned that we may want to poll the members on their ability/inclination to travel in October. Kirsten offered that she has a full Zoom account that could be used if needed. 

Board Meetings 

Next call scheduled for June 4th at 10:00 a.m. Central time.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 p.m. Central time; Jennifer Hoggatt made a motion to adjourn and Drew Dehoff seconded.