Minutes Board of Directors meeting October 3, 2019

In attendance: Brian Atkins, Sue Lowry, Kirstin Wallace, Lauren Salvato, Rhonda Manning 

Decisions: No quorum.

Action Items:

  • Drew will send Sue’s monthly AvocetConsult invoice to Amy and Brian for their review during Kirsten’s time away on maternity leave. 
  • The One-Page summary of the Interstates Report will be sent to those registered for Mobile, as well as the Survey–Sue
  • The dues increase will be broached during the Membership meeting at Mobile.  Depending upon the reaction, could delay implementing the increase for one year–Drew
  • Sue has signed a contract with the Doubletree Crystal City for the Roundtable meetings in late March/early April


Brian called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. Central  The agenda was not modified. There was not a quorum on the call, so the approval of the September 12 Board minutes will be deferred until the Nov. 7 call. 

Treasurer’s Report:

Drew was not able to be on the call, so Sue reviewed the Treasure’s report.  The Wells Fargo Balance on 9/30 was $109,903 and the PayPal balance was $20,000.  Total assets are $129,902.71.  Drew did ask Sue to bring up the review of the monthly AvocetConsult invoice during Kirsten’s maternity leave.  It was decided that having Drew, Brian and Amy review would be more than adequate. 

Executive Director Report:

The Executive Director Report dated September 30, 2019 was distributed to the full Board.


  • Legislation and Policy (held meeting Sept. 26) and developed a strategy for WRDA by putting a list together of key WRDA issues for members.  .  There is no urgency to work on the support for Resilience in the Revolving Fund legislation.  Sue is working on a draft WRDA support letter and will make contact with Sen. Barrasso’s office on timing. 
  • Water Data and Science (next meeting was Oct. 2 and the committee heard from Mark Svoboda on the US Drought monitor. Sue will work with Mark to support base funding for the US Drought Monitor. 
  • Interstate Water Management ( met Sept. 23). The Committee developed a one-page summary that will be sent to those registered for Mobile so they can review prior to the break-out group discussion that will be held after the first Panel at Mobile. 
  • Water Planning (held meeting Sept. 30) is meeting regularly and having great webinars.  It was decided that webinars should be limited to one state per meeting because lots of questions were generated at the last meeting.  The Committee has become a good place for sharing information and networking. 


Sue mentioned that South Carolina had not paid their dues yet.  Brian recalled that Hope Mizell attended the Little Rock meeting and he will get her contact info to Sue for follow-up. 

Upcoming ICWP Meetings:

The 2019 Annual Meeting– Mobile, Alabama October 8-10, 2019 -Sue recapped the registration numbers (around 60).  How to present the dues increase was discussed.  It will be made clear that in the next year ICWP will address the priority issues identified  in the survey results.  No dues increase has been made since 2005 and the argument can be made that there is more value added to being an ICWP member.  Drew will lead the discussion during the members’ meeting and depending upon the reaction, the Board is fine with delaying the increase for a year if needed. 

The 2020 Roundtable—week of March 30, 2020 

  • The intent is to share sponsorship with WSWC and  NWSA.
  • Sue has signed the contract for the Crystal City Doubletree.

Board Meetings – first Thursdays

Next call scheduled for Nov. 7 at 2 p.m. Central. In Dec. may need to move from the  5th (next NIDIS Executive Council has been set for this day, so will need to shift to a new date)

Meeting adjourned at 10:57 a.m. Central time