Minutes Board of Directors meeting October 4, 2018

Interstate Council on Water Policy

Summary of Board Meeting (Via phone)

October 4, 2018

In attendance:Kirsten Wallace, Ed Swaim, Drew Dehoff (on and off), Pam Bush, Sue Lowry, Ginger Harper, Heidi Moltz, Brian (for part of the meeting), Mary Schooley in place of Julie Cunningham, Jen Orr (driving)

Drew – Treasurer’s Report

Sue:  $28,439 carryover from FY 18, rather than the 31K noted in previous Minutes

Closed the Commerce Bank Checking acct. and transferred balance over to Wells Fargo

Line item – income from Ryan ($84).

Sue to use debit card for OKC expenses – so won’t need to seek reimbursement

Also, Sue notes, we rec’d Albany State Georgia Water Policy Center dues; also OK and MN

Agreed:  Drew and Sue will amend the draft Reserves/Carryover policy and present it for Board consideration next meeting. The additional sentences will describe potential actions to take if the reserves goal are not met. 


Approval of Sept. 14 mtg minutes – Drew moves, Kirsten seconded.  All in favor.


Proceed with investing in professional to improve copy for the website — about $200 is the estimate for the home page copy only.  

Approve moving ahead with tech writer for 5 hrs. at 40/hr. up to $200.  Sue will have discretion to approve additional time up to $500.

Pam moved; Kirsten seconded.  All in favor  

Materials for OKC

Candidate Slate

Ginger completed six mos. in USACE KC District office.

New KS Governor this fall.  Director of Water Office is appointed.  Ginger’s position is not appointed but new director could bring in new folks.  But things could change.  Ginger was not sure if KWO  Director Tracy Streeter will put his name in to stay.  So probably at this point, not certain Ginger to be a candidate for the Board.  Pam will not be seeking re-election and DRBC will be represented on the Board by Amy Shallcross. 

Kirsten Wallace will be on the Candidate Slate as the incoming 2ndVice-Chair.

OKC Annual Conference

48 registered, 26 for field tour

Sue – hotel does a breakfast buffet not included in room fee.  On Thursday, to entice people to come to members’ meeting b/t 8-9, ICWP could offer to buy the breakfast coupon.  People could see Sue on Wed. and say they plan to come and get a coupon.  

Board dinner Tues. night.

Agreed – Sue will send a message.

Mary – unfortunately – rain predicted all next week.  60% chance.  Bring an umbrella!

Lots of options for dining outside of the Sheraton.


WSWC Infrastructure conference:  The WSWC is planning to host a workshop on water infrastructure issues in Feb. 2019 and ICWP may be able to co-sponsor the event if we are interested in doing so. Sue has been invited to participate on the planning committee and their first call will be in the next 3 weeks or so. She will report on this on the next Board call in Nov.

Federal agency re-organizations.  Discussion was held on both the proposed Dept. of Interior reorganization as well as the Army Corps of Engineers.  All agreed that the USACE plan didn’t have much legs, but the DoI re-org is likely moving forward, and potentially quite quickly.  Kirsten noted that Asst. Sec. Susan Combs is the main spokesperson for the re-org and she was invited to our OKC meeting but had a conflict.  Susan will be calling in remotely for the next Upper Mississippi River Basin Association meeting and Sue will listen in to her presentation.  It may be possible to also provide call-in capabilities to those who sign up for the Legislation and Policy Committee at OKC.  Kirsten will check on any limit on number of lines for the call-in.  

Ginger volunteered to help as needed as the older documents for our website and other sources are updated for inclusion in the new website.

November board call may get moved to Nov. 9thas there are conflicts with our regular date of Nov. 1.  Sue will send a confirmation.

Adjourned at 10:01 MDT