Minutes Board of Directors meeting September 12, 2019

In attendance: Brian Atkins, Sue Lowry, Kirstin Wallace, Amy Shallcross, Earl Lewis, Drew Dehoff, Heidi Moltz,  


  • Approved sending letter to R.D. James about PAS Funding for non-flood studies 
  • Approved sending NWIS Modernization Support letter to Don Cline
  • Delegated (no vote) the Jim Kreft letter detailing member “wants” for NWIS Modernization to WDSC.
  • Approved (tentatively) Strategic Planning Summary from Aug. 5th webinar

Action Items:

  • Send R.D. James letter with minor adjustments (put “ask” in first paragraph) – Sue
  • Ask Jodee P., Jen H. and Julie C. if they would serve as secretary – Sue, Brian 
  • Review survey and get comments to Sue and Kirstin – Board
  • Approach national representatives from consulting firms to consider membership – All
  • Reach out to NGWOS Basin Selection Team Leader and/or Chad for a webinar on selection method  to WDSC after Mobile– Sue
  • Review Mobile agenda – Board
  • Finalize Mobile arrangements (speakers, bios, conference call/webinar, etc.) – Sue


Brian called the meeting to order at 1:31 pm.  The agenda was not modified. The August 5, 2019 Board Strategic Planning Summary was sent on the 11th, so all may not have had a chance to review.  The Board agreed to tentatively approve the summary unless comments were received by the end of week (C.O.B. Friday). Earl moved.  Drew second. All approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Drew reviewed the Treasure’s report.  The Wells Fargo Balance on 8/31 was $105,746 and the Paypal balance was $9662.26.  Total assets are $115,409.09.  Expenses in August were the website, GotoMeeting license, and deposits for the annual meeting.  The only liability was Sue’s fee.  Dues payments have subsided.  No new dues payments were received prior to this meeting. See attached spreadsheet.

Executive Director Report:

The Executive Director Report dated August 31, 2019 is attached. Issues and updates in the report were discussed later in the meeting.


Drew summarized the presentation he gave at the last meeting (9/10).  SRBC, as an interstate agency, works closely with partners to avoid redundant data collection and shares data with members and other partners.  The key issues are related to the sharing of data with different platforms and formats.  One example is water use data: different formats, thresholds, permits requirements, metadata, etc. SRBC shares data with members and public through web portals. They also have experience with data gathered from partners (WU and availability) collected for different purpose or programs: permits, registration, thresholds, etc.  He noted that tool used to “pull” data are only useful if they can be updated as formats and platforms change. SRBC continues to improve the manner with which to share data with public and share and exchange data with partners.


  • Legislation and Policy (next meeting Sept. 26) has been focused on the survey. On next call they will review the survey and develop a strategy for WRDA.  There is no urgency to work on the support for Resilience in the Revolving Fund legislation.  The Committee should focus on WRDA.  At the next meeting they will put a list together of key WRDA issues for members.  There is a congressional committee request for comments by 9/30 so we cannot wait until the annual meeting.  L&P will try to pull something together. Kirstin believes Congress is trying to move fast on WRDA given the pending election.  Water Planning worked with Sue on the PAS letter to R.D. James (copies to Beverly and Ada).  Drew will share the letter with his federal commission (Baltimore District Commander). The Board approved the letter. (Amy moved. Earl second.  All approved.)
  • Water Data and Science (next meeting is Oct. 2) is exploring issues on the list of topics identified for the committee.  On August 27, Dr. Christy, Alabama State Climatologist, gave a webinar on Flash Droughts.  He will also present at the annual meeting.  Building on the drought theme, the next presenter will be Mark Svoboda on the US Drought monitor.  Dr. Cristy had mentioned that the criteria for the drought monitor were based on parameter from the Midwest and that the drought monitor did not necessarily reflect drought issues in other areas. Sue completed the letter to Don Cline and the Board approved it with Brian’s signature as chair.  (Amy moved. Kirstin second.  All in favor).  The Jim Kreft letter will be approved and sent by the Committee. The Committee also has a list of issues of interest.  We will maintain that list but add links to relevant resources and summaries on the issues. 
  • Interstate Water Management (next meeting Sept. 23) met on 8/28.  The Committee is focused on updating the 2006 report, making additions and reviewing material.  They will be sending the report to the Board with the areas highlighted where Board input is needed/desired. The report will be circulated to attendees and annual meeting. Drew will go through the updates changes and ask for input.  He will generate questions for attendees. Once Committee is satisfied with the report, it will be finalize using graphic designer. Interns are working on 4-page primer/overview, but it will not be final until later in October. Drew requested that the Board review the final draft before the annual meeting.  He will recirculate the current version. The Committee is also looking into other issues from the report recommendations and would like input at the annual meeting, so Drew has generated some questions to use at the meeting to provide guidance to the Committee.
  • Water Planning (next meeting Sept. 30) is meeting regularly and having great webinars.  It was decided that webinars should be limited to one state per meeting because lots of questions were generated at the last meeting.  The Committee has become a good place for sharing information and networking.  They also worked on the PAS support letter (see L&P). 


Dues payments are slow to come in so Sue will send second notices. The annual meeting has provided a good reason for Sue to reach out to Bronze members and remind them to pay dues.  On the pursuit of consulting firms as affiliate members, we need to send national level contacts to Sue. Brian was not successful with Jacobs/CH2MHill due a lengthy approval process.  Sue approached HDR, but they did not seem interested.  Sue met someone from John Deere and they may be interested in joining next year.

Complimentary registrations were offered to several states. Mississippi and Illinois accepted complimentary registrations. Tennessee did not accept a complimentary registration because it could be interpreted as a gift, but they are attending. Sue also offered complimentary registrations to four others. NC and TX showed interest and Sues will reach out to them again.  She has not heard from GA or LA.

Upcoming ICWP Meetings:

The 2019 Annual Meeting– Mobile, Alabama October 8-10, 2019 (some items not discussed)

  • The Reception will be at the hotel on Wednesday night. Sue will share the list of past Chairs and Annual meeting locations as part of the 60th Year Celebration Activities at Reception. Registrations are weak, but still coming in.  Olsson will be a grand sponsor.  We may not lose money, but would like to have more registrations to provide a cushion.
  • A slate of Officers for 2020 will be presented at the business meeting. Amy (Chair), Kirstin (1st Chair), Drew (2ndChair – but would like to pass Treasurer to another Board member when 1st Chair). Jodee Pring and Jen Hoggatt agreed to be on Board. Amy would like to pass Secretary to another member.  Julie, Jennifer or Jodee will be asked. Brian may volunteer.
  • The new dues structure will be explained at the business meeting so members will not be surprised when they receive invoices next year.
  • The survey is a high priority. Sue needs input.
  • One speaker (Roger, EPA) is unconfirmed. Sue still needs bios.
  • Kirstin offered to pay a small fee for the technology in lieu of registration fee (since she will not be there in person).

The 2020 Roundtable—week of March 30, 2020 

  • The intent is to share sponsorship with WSWC (and perhaps NWSA).
  • WSWC is taking lead to meet with the Water Subcabinet to have a small group dialogue on December 17.  ICWP can send Sue and two Board members. Brian and Amy are able to attend. WSWC would also like to arrange for their participation at the roundtable (full attendance).  They can also listen to us and we listen to them.

Board Meetings – first Thursdays

Oct. 3 – 10 Central – check in meeting prior to Mobile.  Next calls scheduled for Nov. 7 and Dec. 5 (next NIDIS Executive Council has been set for this day, so will need to shift to a new date)

Meeting adjourned at 2:37 E.T.