Minutes Board of Directors meeting November 16, 2018

Interstate Council on Water Policy

Summary of Board Meeting (Via phone)

November 16, 2018

In attendance:Brian Atkins, Chair; Sue Lowry, Executive Director; Ed Swaim; Drew Dehoff; Kirstin Wallace; Julie Cunningham; Amy Shallcross.

Action Items for Board:

  1. Comment on WSWC Infrastructure Agenda
  2. Provide pictures, bios and testimonials for website
  3. Review draft website (icwpdev.com) after next week
  4. Refresh old interstate report (Interstate Committee)
  5. Provide NextGen Feedback (WD&S Committee)


  1. Deferred approval of October Minutes
  2. Continue multi-signature letters
  3. Schedule one meeting of each Committee in December

Meeting Discussion:

  • Brian Atkins called the meeting to order at 11:08 am.
  • The board agreed to the proposed agenda (but did not get to all topics).
  • Amy was the secretary for this meeting.
  • Minutes– the October minutes were not yet drafted. Amy and Suewill follow-up with Pam for the October minutes and/or will draft them. Approval of the October minutes was deferred to the December meeting for approval.  Drew moved to delay approval of the October minutes. Kirstin seconded.  All were in favor.
  • Treasurer’s Report– see separate spreadsheet. The Wells Fargo account is now the main account for the Organization. The Commerce Bank account has a $0 balance and now appears to be closed (Drew could no longer access the account online).Suewill verify.  Since the issuance of the spreadsheet, Sue cashed her check so, the current balance is now $90,939.28 The largest activity in October was the Annual meeting in OKC. There is a surplus of $2800 from meeting, which accounts for refunds to those who could not make the meeting due to reasons previously discussed.  It appears there will be one refund (Arkansas) and two registrations deferred (Ekman-MN and Masters, Georgia Water Policy Center) to the next meeting (Roundtable and/or Annual Meeting in 2019. A small administrative fee was withheld. Dues payments have come in as listed. Outstanding are Alabama Water Institute and PADEP. Sue completed the vendor form for the Institute and will call Jen Orr about PADEP.  The 990 form was submitted.  Sue will send a copy to the Board of Directors.  
  • Executive Director’s Report– See separate October 31 report. Sue will follow up with Committee Chairs on ideas for the first meetings.  Most of the Committee meetings will be introductory to outline the purpose of the Committee.  The draft for WSWC meeting on Infrastructure, which ICWP will co-sponsor, was sent to Board Members.  WSWC has indicated that the meeting will be postponed until late summer or fall because February may be too early with the turnover in Governors and Congress. Board was asked to review agenda and get information about projects to WSWC (Tony).
  • Websiteis taking more time to move to a new server but the facelift is progressing nicely.  The copy-writer met her $500 limit and has most likely taken the work as far as an outsider is able to do. Sue told Liz (web developer) to discontinue the copy-editing, but is satisfied with the work on the home page (now written in more active voice) and the work that was completed on the Membership page. The Affiliate Member piece needs work and Sue will continue to improve other parts of the website.  Sue reviewed and revised the list of members. NE and CO were deleted since they are no longer members, but Sue will work on getting them back. The next draft should be available within a week or so (see icwpdev.com).  Sue suggested the Board look at the detailson the forms.  For the launch, likely in mid-December, she would like to have a “Save the Date” tab for the Roundtable (or Annual Meeting?). The launch will include OKC summary, membership meeting update, and meeting photo gallery.  After the launch we will no longer pay Oturia, because our account will be on GoDaddy.  Liz will teach Sue about Word Press and Sue will be able to make content edits. Sue is looking for Board testimonials about the value of ICWP and will also need everyone’s photos.  She also needs bios for Earl and Jen.  Juliewill ask Mary will send iphone pictures from conference or upload to one-drive.  Board memberswill get photos and testimonials to Sue next week. 
  • Committees– Sue would like to get an initial call for each one in December.  Initial call would be meet and greet, at which the chair will explain the intent of the Committee and outline previous accomplishments/deliverables and potential future issues and topics for discussion. Other than legislation committee, Sue has not contacted the Committee members who signed up at OKC.  
    • Legislative and Policy:
      • Peter has been working on the Executive Order on Water Reliability.  
      • Sue has made several calls to USGS and OMB. 
      • Messages are clear that multi-signature letter is appreciated by water data community and that annual letters are useful.  Although the older letters are still relevant, it is important to continue to issue them since staff change from one budget year to next. Congressional research service called Sue about the streamgage and CWP letters.  Representative had all the old letters and was up to speed about our opinion on the USGS programs. She was aware of multi-signature.  Since that is our niche, it was decided to continue with the letters. Sue will need help from Board and members with signatures. Julie motioned to move forward with the multi-signature letters. Drew seconded. All agreed.
      • Sue met with Aaron Ray of OMB (he is moving on). He indicated our letters are very important. It is important than OMB hear what the end game is even though there are resource restrictions.  He connected Sue with Mike Dunlevy – Office of Science and Technology Policy.  They used to be active at our meetings. Kirstin – Asst. Sec. Susan Combs participated in UMBRA’s last Board meeting and it was clear that DOI in their planned reorganization has not thought at all about mid-west and the water management implications of their proposed regional boundaries.  Kirsten will be meeting with Charlie Wooley – Region 3 FWS to discuss concerns with the reorg plans as well as the knowledge base on mid-western topics of the DOI facilitators that have been named.  Kirsten believes that ICWP could ask Sec. Combs for a conference to explain these concerns with the proposed regions.  Sue will send PDF of map and Facilitators to the Board.   
      • The first L&P call will be a joint call with the Interstate Committee as the concerns with the regions are not just an issue in the mid-West.
    • Water Data and Science.  Amy suggested that this meeting be a NextGen Webinar (with Chad Wagner and or Mike Woodside) to provide USGS with stakeholder feedback and interest in the program.  It would be useful to continue the WD&S stakeholder input function to USGS.
    • Interstate Water Management. At the AWRA Leadership Institute (planning across state lines), there were good questions and dialogue, but there was a lack of knowledge or understanding about what interstates are and that each interstate has different issues. It would be useful for the Interstate Committee to refresh the old report and include information about both compact agencies and associations (how states work together on water issues).
    • Water PlanningJennifer Hoggatt was not able to be on the Board call today, but Sue will work with Jennifer to get the initial meeting of that committee scheduled. 
  • Sue will work with Kylee to finalize the one-pager and add the testimonials from Gail and Jodee. Sue will reach out to USGS for testimonials, possibly – Don Cline from USGS, Tom Graziano (Peter Colohan?) from NOAA, Tony Willardson from WSWC. Sue sent testimonials as word document to Kylee to finalize the one-pager.  
  • Sue is making a concerted effort to encourage Georgia to join. Gail Cowie asked for an invitation from Sue.  It is clear that ICWP members/Sue will need to engage states individually to reinvigorate membership. Which ones/who do we target first?
  • Round table.  Drew’s assistant, Stephanie, completed the RFP process, but is moving on. Sue will do the follow-up. We received five responses; three look promising – Hilton Garden, the Wink, Holiday Inn behind DOT.  All are close to the per diem rate.  There is some variation in food and beverage minimum, but they are offset with meeting room rates.  None of the Board members had strong feelings for any of the venues but preferred lower cost and proximity to the Metro or closeness to the Hill. We need to determine how many rooms to reserve to avoid being charged for not filling the block.  In 2015, there were 22 people.  NWSA will typically get up to 30 at meetings. It was suggested that Sue send a “feeler” out to members to ask who is definitively attending. ICWP will likely hold our federal updates jointly with NWSA (only USGS, USACE, BOR?). We need a venue that can accommodate a separate breakout session for NWSA. Sue is working on the assumption that people will come on 4/1 on Monday night. Peter and Ginger will host a meet and greet event (Yay!). Tuesday morning will be an independent ICWP meeting, with joint federal updates on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Thursday, ICWP will have a meeting with USGS and Hill visits (either members together or separately).  Board would prefer that the USGS meeting to be somewhat smaller, but does not want to deter participation.  Sue will check USGS availability.
  • Need committees to do some position statement drafting.  
  • Item #9 on agenda is Sue’s to do/parking lot list.
  • Next meetingis December 7 at 10 EDT, 9CDT, 8MDT, 7PDT
  • Brian adjourned meeting at 12:21. Amy moved to adjourn. Drew seconded. All in favor.
  • Happy Thanksgiving.