MINUTES Interstate Council on Water Policy Board of Directors Meeting August 2, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting
August 2, 2018

The meeting took place by phone. Director participants included: Julie Cunningham (Chair), Brian Atkins (Vice Chair), Rob Hunt in for Dru Buntin, Drew Dehoff (Treasurer), Earl Lewis, Kirsten Wallace, Ed Swaim, Jen Orr, and Executive Director Sue Lowry.

⦁ Call to order – Julie Cunningham called the meeting to order shortly after 10 a.m. Eastern (one hour ahead of our normal meeting time). No additions or changes to the draft agenda were proposed. These minutes reflect the significant issues reviewed and resolutions adopted.

⦁ Minutes of July 12, 2018 –Sue offered one clarification to the ACWI webinar on WaDE to add that it is the Subcommittee on Hydrology’s Streamflow Information Collaborative that hosted the webinar. Brian moved for approval with these corrections; Drew seconded, and the Minutes were unanimously approved.

⦁ Treasurer’s Report (Drew Dehoff)
As of July 25, 2018, ICWP still has an account at Commerce Bank, with a balance of 589.34. The Wells Fargo account balance is $65,139.04; and our PayPal balance is $237.60, for a total of $65,965.98 in assets. Liabilities include Sue’s July invoice in the amount of $4,000, leaving a fund balance of $61,965.98. Drew reported that he and Ryan still need to schedule one last conference call to agree on some remaining reimbursements from Ryan and then the Commerce Bank account will be closed. We are now getting a $12 fee per month from Commerce as our balance has dropped.

Sue suggested that 5 action item topics be addressed as a higher priority for this call:
Logo-need to land on a design so Liz can move on to the next step.
OKC Annual Meeting—Discussion on Panels Themes and Getting Registration Live on Website
Estes Park Head Count and any logistical questions/final agenda
2019 Annual meeting Birmingham v Mobile
Request for ICWP to submit comments on Seasonal to Sub-seasonal NOAA report

⦁ Logo Design
There was support for the logo with the inter-twined droplets at the left of ICWP in bold and Interstate Council on Water Policy written out below. Sue will let Liz know this is our choice and Liz’ next step will be to get us color palettes to choose from. Sue has paid Liz her deposit (1/2 of the total cost) for the website update as well.

⦁ OKC Annual Meeting—Discussion on Panels Themes and Getting Registration Live on Website
Sue has sent several documents to Jason for his posting to the website and it has been a struggle to get them all posted correctly. We are almost ready to send out the email blast of “Registration now Open” and a solid draft agenda is ready to go out at the same time. There are still some speakers to pin down, but the 4 theme panels of 1) Drought/Water Supply, 2) Federal Update, 3) State Water Planning, and 4) Data—Portals for data sharing and filling in the gaps when the data you need is not available are in place. Jen agreed to contact Steve Domber to see if he is available for the data panel. She will also follow-up with Sue’s invitation to Scott Kudlas on the State Water Planning panel. Kirsten mentioned a USACE Cost share study that has recently been completed and will see if anyone from the Academy might be able to speak to the findings at OKC. Early bird registration will end September 18 and the full meeting registration fee was set at $375.

⦁ Estes Park Head Count and any logistical questions/final agenda
Sue had circulated a rooming list for our Estes Park planning meeting. Pam will now not be able to attend due to a piece of litigation being remanded back to the Commission. Amy is checking into whether she can attend in Pam’s place. Jennifer Hoggatt will be coming in Dru’s place and Jen is still deciding. We should be fine with the group contracted room numbers.

⦁ 2019 Annual meeting in Alabama: Birmingham v Mobile
Brian has done some preliminary checking and Delta, American and United all serve Mobile. There are 6 good hotel choices to choose from in the downtown area all of which will meet the government per diem rate of $93 for FY18. Sue will explore these options and Drew has offered that his meeting coordinator might be able to have some time to help with the logistics of this meeting if we choose to not go to Tuscaloosa and use the services of the U of A Conferences Center.

⦁ Request for ICWP to submit comments on Seasonal to Sub-seasonal NOAA report
Sue had been requested by Jeanine Jones, in-coming Chair of the WSWC, if ICWP would be willing to provide comments on a recently released study by NOAA. Jeanine has some talking points related to the sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasting portion of the study. The Board agreed that it supported Sue developing comments and submitting them on ICWP’ behalf by the August 10 deadline.

⦁ Next Call will be Thurs September 6 at our regularly scheduled time of 9 MDT, 10 CDT and 11 EDT.

Adjournment-The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:10 a.m. Eastern.