ICWP 2022 Annual Meeting Recap

ICWP held our 2022 Annual Meeting at Hotel Blackhawk in Davenport, Iowa on October 25th-27th, 2022.

Read more for a detailed ICWP 2022 Annual Meeting Summary here. See below for some of the highlights!

In total, we welcomed roughly 40 attendees from state, interstate, regional water management agencies, federal agencies, universities, and the private sector across the United States to discuss the latest water policy issues.  

Oct. 25th — Beaver Island Habitat Rehabilitation and Restoration project “virtual tour” hosted by USACE Rock Island District and Iowa DNR (in-person tour was canceled due to inclement weather)

Oct. 26th-27th — We held 21 panel presentations ranging on:

  • Key water management issues facing the Upper Mississippi River Basin
  • Information about various water planning efforts across the US, including a focus on drought planning and USACE/NRCS programs
  • Important updates to USGS and NOAA water data and science programs, plus a look at Mississippi River Basin water monitoring initiatives
  • Advancements affecting ICWP’s legislative and policy interests, particularly around resiliency and USACE/EPA programs
  • Lessons learned from tribal and interstate water management collaboration
  • “Lightning” updates from key subprograms at USGS and USACE

This year we also hosted a new “Cross Pollination” panel format designed as a 30-minute breakout session to gain feedback
from meeting attendees about ICWP, its offerings, and opportunities for future growth. The feedback was especially insightful and inspired a membership-wide survey to build on this feedback. CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SURVEY.

Oct. 27th Membership Meeting — 2022 was a very busy year! ICWP membership has grown over the years and our multi-state and regional organizational membership gives a stronger voice to our water policy work at the national level.

All in all, this year’s meeting was a great success all thanks to our members, presenters, federal partners, and sustaining partners. Thank you for a successful meeting. See you in Washington D.C. for our 2023 Spring Roundtable on April 4-5th, 2023!