Interstate Water Management Committee Meeting Summary April 18, 2019 Conference Call

Call to Order—Chair Drew Dehoff, SRBC-called to order at 12:03 p.m. MDT

  1. Introductions of Participants on the call: Drew Dehoff, Chair and SRBC; Sue Lowry, Executive Director, ICWP; Brian Atkins, Alabama OWR; Rhonda Manning, PADEP; Kirsten Wallace, UMRBA; Ken Brazil, Arkansas NRC; Julie Ekman, MNDNR
  2. Work Plan Items for Committee to Address:
    1. Purpose Statement to Guide the Review and Update the 2006 Interstates Report written by ICWP

Discussion on the magnitude of the re-write and how much of the history to keep.  Is there a different approach of a stand-alone 2019 Report versus a 2ndEdition of the 2006 Report. How to make the connection between the old report and the re-write.  Brian—observation that for many readers this will be their first exposure and they won’t have read the 2006 Report.

  1. Begin making writing/editing assignments (Sue and Drew will summarize these assignments into a stand-alone document)

Full Committee should take a look at theI. Introductionand be prepared to discuss on the next call on the breadth of the re-write and approach.

  1. Background:Drew willing to take a look at this Chapter. Rhonda will look at C. Role of Interstate Organizations.

III. Multi-jurisdictional Approaches-MRRIC and PRRIP are two new ESA Recovery programs that weren’t in place in 2006—Only Upper Colo. And San Juan Fish Recovery were in place.  Everyone should look at this Chapter.

  1. Federal Role In Interstate Water Management-this is the section with missing piece on “Relevant Statutory and Administrative Provisions”—Drew will explore the options for having an ICWP or SRBC intern look into this. Sue will ask Sara Larsen about WSWC’s intern and whether they might be able to look at the western state’s differing perspective in this area.Item B—Key Considerations—ask Heidi to write up new language here.
  2. Factors Influencing Institutional Design: Drew will reach out to his counterparts and Sue can reach out to a few western commissions.
  3. Case Studies-Drew had sent out a listing (the following notes are in the same order). What are we trying to show via the case studies, and how are we defining them? The case studies are intended to illustrate both specific issue resolution as well as general interstate cooperation.  The committee stepped through the list:

Bear River:  Sue felt that the Accounting model issue was resolved and the commission works well together.  Couldn’t think of a contemporary issue for a new case study from this basin.

Missouri River:  The Master Manual Review has been resolved, but the evolution of the Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee (MRRIC) might make a good topic.  Missouri or Kansas can be approached for a write-up.

Colorado River:  The Endangered Fish Program may not have much new to discuss, but the recent Drought Contingency Planning efforts that Congress recently passed might be good. Sue copied the committee with an article already published in the Water Report that perhaps we can make use of. Sue will inquire as to any copyright concerns or obtaining re-print permission.

Delaware Watershed Planmight be good to keep—Drew will ask Amy.

SEPA Groundwater Protection:Drew will ask Amy.

Great Lakes Soil Erosion and Sediment Control: Drew will discuss with Rhonda

OK-AR Phosphorus Index—nutrient plans and limits to land application

–group has been doing work and Ken can look into updating

Great Lakes Water Management:  Julie will look into the Great Lakes Compact that was signed in 2008.

ORSANCO-still working on public review of water quality standards. Rhonda and Drew will reach out to Richard Harrison.

Potomac Water Supply—still going strong. Drew will ask Heidi if she would like to add about the comprehensive planning efforts

Chesapeake waterquality—This work was offered as a potential new case study and Drew will reach out to the states involved.

Appendix 2:Drew said he would review.

  1. Report on the Interstate Panel discussion at the Washington Roundtable

Kirsten will send Drew their analysis of organizations. Sue will contact Pooja about her comments at the RT.

  1. ICWP Internship Program
    1. Update on Emily’s progress on work assignments for updating the report and developing the Primer

Drew will reach out to Emily and see her interest in continuing to work on the Report update and fleshing out the Primer from outline to a draft.

  1. Other items for the Committee’s consideration
  2. Next call or webinar—Set for May 30 (Thursday) at 10 a.m. Central