Link to You Tube Recording:

1. Call to Order—Chair Drew Dehoff, SRBC called to order at 10:02 a.m. Central time.

2. Introductions of Participants on the call: Drew Dehoff, Chair; Sue Lowry; Amy Shallcross; Ed Swaim; Wei Han; Heidi Moltz; Carrie Wiese; Brian Atkins; Mike Nardolilli; Joy Loughry; Owen Mills; Tom Littlepage; Amy Ostdiek; Randy Hadland; SeungAh Byun; Bennet Bearden; Pooja Kanwar; Wade Loseman; Scott Arends; John Boyer; Shaili Pfeiffer; Becca Emery; Katherine Zitsch; Rebecca Bearden; Kay Whittington.

3. Presentation by Amy Shallcross, Delaware River Basin Commission—Transbasin Diversions from Delaware River Basin—please watch the recorded presentation (link above) for details, but here are a few highlights from Amy’s very informative, well-organized presentation:

–The Delaware River is an interstate boundary for its entire length
–The Delaware River supplies drinking water to 13.3 M people/5% of the US population
–Exports from the Delaware basin include 800MGD to New York City and up to 100 MGD to New Jersey
–During low flow, saltwater intrusion can come up as high as Philadelphia
–A SCOTUS decision written by Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1931 allowed NYC 2 reservoirs and 12% of the headwater flows—a summer minimum of 1535 cfs was required
–Returned to SCOTUS in 1952 as NYC wanted to build another reservoir—entitlement was increased to 14% of headwaters
–After the 1952 decree, a compact was negotiated to address other issues, such as water supply allocation, flood control/loss and watershed planning.

4. ICWP Internship Program for Spring, 2022—Sue mentioned that 3 students have been elected and will be starting their respective projects next week.

5. Other items for the Committee’s consideration/2022 Workplan
a. Other issues for committee presentations
i. Board asked this committee to lead Trans-basin Diversions Discussions -Topics for Coordinated webinars
2. Republican River case study
ii. Compact case studies
iii. Other Topics for committee

6. Next webinar—The second webinar in this trans-basin diversion series will be set for the week of April 18 and the SRBC will be presenting.

Interstate Water Management Committee: Educate public officials about value of interstate water management organizations. Provide a forum for sharing current trends in interstate issues.

2019-21 Accomplishments:
• Updated the 2006 “Interstate Water Solutions” report
• Completed an Interstates Water Primer
• Updated Interstate Water Management Case Studies
• Held series of webinars hearing from various Great Lakes organizations
• Katherine Tucker provided a summary of her survey on interstate’s funding
• Webinar held on FL v. GA litigation

Issues for 2022 Workplan

1) Hold series of webinars on Trans basin diversions across the country

2) Federal Reserved Rights Primer (perhaps Norm Johnson could do a similar webinar to what he presented at AWRA-SLC)

3) Ask member states/interstates to give talks on recent litigation
Republican River Basin (KS and NE)
Montana v Wyoming—Chris Brown from Wyoming AG’s office
Ken Brazil mentioned some Water Quality interstate litigation

4) Work with interstate water organizations to highlight, promote and nourish regional approaches and effective organizations.