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Water Data and Science Committee Meeting Summary: December 14th, 2022

Meeting Summary

Water Data & Science Committee

December 14th, 2022


Link to recording: https://youtu.be/hPQ_nIY7xYc

  1. Call to Order: Chair Amy Shallcross, Delaware River Basin Commission
  2. Introductions of participants on the call – Amy Shallcross, WD&S Committee Chair, Beth Callaway, ICWP Executive Director, Wei Han, Anthony Preucil, Luigi Romolo, Adel Abedallah, Becca Emery, Joy Loughry, Wade Loseman.
  3. Guest speaker: Chris Konrad, USGS Washington Water Science Center. Topic: “USGS Streamflow Gaging Network Analysis Updates”

Our guest speaker’s talk emphasized that USGS places importance on states to help guide what’s included in this program. The goal of the streamgage network analysis was not to focus on any one purpose, but more broadly how the network is serving a wide array of interests in streamflow, material loads, factors influencing streamflow as well as management of land and water resources.

There were three metrics of analysis: coverage, resolution, representation of variables. 75% of the US is covered by USGS streamgages. Results show the spatial resolution works best for maximum flows and worst for minimum flows. Key gaps are shown in coverage of coastal areas, Alakasa, and Interior West. Other details on results can be accessed online on the USGS Network Analysis page: https://wa.water.usgs.gov/projects/NetworkAnalysis/NetworkAnalysis_index.html

The analysis page shows a visualization of priorities for maintaining sites (137) and adding sites (209). Results can be combined to look at multiple factors, i.e.- coastal flooding due to sea level rise. Results are being used for internal planning at USGS for Federal Priority Streamgages, NGWOS, Integrated Water Science programs and water science centers. Priority areas are not ranked so it does not indicate the overall need for monitoring. Analysis does not optimize network for multiple objectives. The intent of the analysis is not intended to assess the overall size of the network.

  1. Preview of revised committee structure and 2023 Work Plan
    • Priority Topic: Climate resilience
    • Goals: Educate and share information, explore federal programs, provide feedback
    • Activities: Guest speakers, all-committee webinars, and cross pollination with other ICWP committees

Next steps: Committee to evaluate the USGS Streamgage gap analysis and come prepared to our January 25th meeting with recommendations for ICWP’s FY2024 USGS Streamgage support letter. The committee will look at the gap analysis with a focus on two main topics:

  • What are the gaps, if any, that ICWP would advocate to support for overall streamgage site maintenance and/or additional sites?
  • If/how ICWP would advocate to support streamgage funding for climate resilience applications (i.e.- coastal flooding, snowpack drought risk, other criteria).

Beth also informed the committee that Congress’ Continuing Resolution set to pass any day now includes S. 3053 PRECIP Act in the text.

  1. 2023 ICWP Internships

ICWP is now accepting applications for 2023 ICWP internships. More details are on the website: https://icwp.org/annual-conference/icwp-water-policy-internships-now-accepting-applications-for-spring-2023/

  1. Next meeting – January 25th 3pmET

Next meeting’s agenda:

  • Invite Chad Wagner USGS to come talk Water Mission Area budget for FY2024 Streamgage letter
  • Get streamgage gap analysis feedback from members at the January meeting, invite Chris Konrad to discuss next steps.