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Water Planning Committee Meeting Summary — Nov 14th, 2022

Meeting Summary

Water Planning Committee

November 14, 2022

12:00pmMT/ 1:00pmCT/ 2:00pmET

View recording: https://youtu.be/1yr71Ey9NnY


  1. Call to Order – Beth Callaway, ICWP Executive Director
  2. Introductions of participants – Beth Callaway, ICWP,  Abby Ebach, John Boyer, Wes Cattoor, Drew Dehoff.
  3. Committee chair vacancy
    • Recognition of departing Water Planning Committee Chair, Jennifer Hoggatt
    • New chair position is open; anyone who is interested can email Beth.
  4. Recap of ICWP 2022 Annual Meeting – Oct. 25-27th @ Davenport, IA
    • Those who were present at the annual meeting recognized discussion that there is a need to have national, not regional, drought conversations.
  5. Planning for resiliency is the future approach – drought/flood, etc.
    • The main focus for this committee should be to connect with the others. We should continue thinking about how can we be more proactive in water planning topics.
  6. Committee topics – Group Discussion
  7. USACE Planning Assistance to States — evaluate new and ongoing opportunities for USACE to work with states (recall ICWP’s Principle Statement on PAS)
    • Ideas or suggestions for future speakers?
    • UMRBA/Susquehanna River Basin Commission PAS success stories
  8. Annual Meeting water planning topics
    • The role of strategic resilience in water planning
    • Committee cross-pollination
    • Drought and Flood, resilience planning
    • NIDIS reauthorization – L&P committee is lead

Due to light attendance for this meeting as a result of the holidays, the following items will be discussed at the next scheduled meeting after the New Year. Everyone agreed that we should keep open discussion at the end of each meeting.

2023 Draft Work Plan

  1. Continue webinar presentations from individual states on:
  2. Water planning programs
  3. Funding approaches to water planning implementation
  4. Support for USACE Planning Assistance to States — evaluate new and ongoing opportunities for USACE to work with states
  5. Evaluate ways to augment the role of strategic resilience in water planning, specifically in context to drought/flood/extreme events
  6. Take part in committee cross-pollination
  7. Inform L&P committee’s NIDIS reauthorization efforts
  8. Parking lot: Water quality and infrastructure

Set next meeting – to be scheduled in the New Year