ICWP 2022 Committee Meeting Schedule

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Water Data and Science Committee Webinar Recording–Olsson, PaigeWireless, Sitka–Twin Platte NRD–January 7, 2021

Recording link HERE Managing Irrigation Water Use in Nebraska in the Cloud   Brian Dunnigan, Olsson Jim Schneider, Olsson Julie Bushell, Paige Wireless Keith Steele, Sitka Technology Group  The Twin Platte Natural…

Minutes Board of Directors meeting December 3, 2020

In attendance: Kirsten Wallace, Sue Lowry, Drew Dehoff, Jennifer Hoggatt, Amy Shallcross, Pooja Kanwar, Matt Unruh, Jodee Pring, Julie Cunningham and Brian Atkins Decisions: The Board adopted the 9 ICWP Principles Statements and…