Water Data and Science Committee Webinar Recording–Olsson, PaigeWireless, Sitka–Twin Platte NRD–January 7, 2021

Recording link HERE

Managing Irrigation Water Use in Nebraska in the Cloud  

Brian Dunnigan, Olsson

Jim Schneider, Olsson

Julie Bushell, Paige Wireless

Keith Steele, Sitka Technology Group 

The Twin Platte Natural Resources District manages the use of groundwater for irrigation of approximately 320,000 acres in central Nebraska. They have embarked on an ambitious water data project that will leverage multiple cloud-based platforms and a state-of-the-art data communication network, collecting data on water use and water levels and evaluating water use and water supply automatically. Water managers will automatically receive updates on the status of water supplies and water uses, allowing for real-time water management decisions that historically took years to make and implement. For the first time both the irrigators and water managers in the TPNRD will have their finger on the pulse of the aquifer, being able to continuously monitor and adjust based on current data and information, marking a true paradigm shift from reactive to proactive water management.