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Water Data and Science Committee Webinar Recording–Olsson, PaigeWireless, Sitka–Twin Platte NRD–January 7, 2021

Recording link HERE Managing Irrigation Water Use in Nebraska in the Cloud   Brian Dunnigan, Olsson Jim Schneider, Olsson Julie Bushell, Paige Wireless Keith Steele, Sitka Technology Group  The Twin Platte Natural Resources District manages the use of groundwater for irrigation of approximately 320,000 acres in central Nebraska. They have embarked on an ambitious water data […]


Minutes Board of Directors meeting December 3, 2020

In attendance: Kirsten Wallace, Sue Lowry, Drew Dehoff, Jennifer Hoggatt, Amy Shallcross, Pooja Kanwar, Matt Unruh, Jodee Pring, Julie Cunningham and Brian Atkins Decisions: The Board adopted the 9 ICWP Principles Statements and they will be posted on the ICWP web site ICWP Letter to President-elect Biden’s Transition Team will be sent and copies emailed to […]

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Interstate Water Organizations: A Primer –December 2020

ICWP developed this primer as a complement to the updated Interstate Water Solutions: Lessons from the Past and Recommendations for the Future—A Look toward 2050” and is intended to give those unfamiliar with interstate water management a high-level overview of the types of river basin commissions and organizations found throughout the nation. This primer provides an overview […]

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Water Data and Science Committee Meeting Summary December 1, 2020 Webinar–Christopher Estes, America’s Conservation Enhancement Act/National Fish Habitat Conservation

Call to Order—Chair Amy Shallcross DRBC called to order at 2:03 p.m. Central.  Introductions of Participants on the call:  Amy Shallcross, Chair; Sue Lowry; Adel Abdallah, Joy Loughry, Brian Atkins, Ken Brazil, Wes Cattoor, Christopher Estes.  Webinar presentation—Christopher Estes—National Fish Habitat Conservation Through Partnerships program.  Christopher gave background on the many years’ effort leading up to the […]

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Interstate Water Management Committee Meeting Summary December 1, 2020–Discussion with Peter Colohan, Internet of Water’s Peer to Peer Network

Call to Order—Chair Drew Dehoff, SRBC called to order at 9:03 a.m. Central time.  Introductions of Participants on the call:  Drew Dehoff, Chair, Sue Lowry; Peter Colohan; Amy Shallcross; Kirsten Wallace; Pooja Kanwar; Sam Swartz; Jodee Pring; Rhonda Manning; Brian Atkins.  Discussion with Peter Colohan, Internet of Water (IoW)– Peer to Peer network: Peter provided a […]

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Interstate Water Solutions: Lessons from the Past and Recommendations for the Future–A Look Toward 2050–Full Report & Executive Summary –October 2020 Update of 2006 Report

The Interstate Council on Water Policy (ICWP) announces the release of an updated study that examines ways in which states have organized solutions to water resource management challenges across state boundaries. The report refreshes findings from a 2006 study, providing new examples of interstate water management initiatives, additional lessons learned, and observations of changes in […]

ICWP Announces Internship Program for Spring, 2021–Apply by January 15, 2021

WATER POLICY INTERNSHIPS FOR SPRING, 2021 The Interstate Council on Water Policy (ICWP) has immediate openings for up to three interns to assist in accomplishing its mission for Spring, 2021. The internships are unpaid; however, there are numerous benefits including the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of current national water policy issues. In addition, interns […]