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Minutes Board of Directors meeting June 13, 2019

In attendance:Brian Atkins, Sue Lowry, Drew Dehoff, Kirsten Wallace, Julie Cunningham, Dru Buntin, Jennifer Hoggatt, Amy Shallcross Action Items for Board: Review agenda for annual meeting Consider questions for member survey Decisions/Votes: The May 2, 2019 Minutes were approved.  The contract with Avocet was approved. The FY 2020 Budget was approved. The Board authorized the […]

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Interstate Water Management Committee Meeting Summary July 2, 2019 Conference Call

Call to Order—Chair Drew Dehoff, SRBC—call to order at 10:03 a.m Central. Introductions of Participants on the call– Drew Dehoff, Chair and SRBC; Sue Lowry, ICWP Executive Director; Brian Atkins, Alabama OWR; Amy Shallcross, DRBC; Rhonda Manning, PA DEP. Update of the 2006 Interstates Report  Progress on the writing/editing assignments made on the last call […]


Minutes Board of Directors meeting May 2, 2019

In attendance:Brian Atkins, Chair; Sue Lowry, Executive Director; Drew Dehoff; Amy Shallcross; Heidi Moltz; Earl Lewis; Rhonda Manning; Kirstin Wallace; Jennifer Hoggatt Action Items for Board: Review E.D. Summary for Committee updates. Send black-out dates from June 15- August 31 to Sue to assist in scheduling to strategic planning board meeting (replaces Estes Park). Review […]