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Interstate Water Management Committee Meeting Summary December 13, 2021–Presentation by Katherine Tucker, 2021 ICWP Intern’s Survey of Interstate Organizations

Recording of the webinar:  https://youtu.be/NZJAoCPNE4s


  1. Call to Order—Chair Drew Dehoff, SRBC called to order at 10:02 a.m. Central time.
  2. Introductions of Participants on the call: Drew Dehoff, Chair; Sue Lowry; Mike Nardolilli; Amy Shallcross; Pooja Kanwar; Katherine Tucker
  3. Presentation by Katherine Tucker, 2021 ICWP Intern—Review of Interstates Organizations Report (Full Report Link)

Katherine summarized her findings from surveying interstate organizations and querying their budget make-up.  The organizations were also asked if they felt the COVID pandemic was going to impact their fiscal year funding levels.  A lively discussion was held on the current infrastructure and COVID response funds that are rolling out at the federal level and what potential impacts could be to interstate river basin organizations as well as to ICWP’s corporate affiliate members.  More details can be found by reading the full report at the link above or going to the link to the full recording of today’s committee webinar.

  1. ICWP Internship Program for Spring, 2022—Potential Study Projects—Drew mentioned some ideas, including related to the transbasin diversion series planned for 2022. The intern would be asked to follow-up with Dr. Marston’s work funded by the USGS.  Another idea is increasing engagement of our affiliate members, particularly as they see their role in the increased COVID response and infrastructure funds.
  2. Report out of other ICWP committee activities
    1. Project Partnership Agreements Coalition letter from L & P committee
  1. Other items for the Committee’s consideration/2022 Workplan
    1. Other issues for committee presentations
      1. Trans-basin Diversions Discussions -DRBC and SRBC will start
      2. Compact case studies
  • Other Topics for committee
  1. Next webinar—Kick off Trans-basin Diversion series for 2022 on February 9 at 10 a.m. Central.DRBC will present—Amy Shallcross and she will also invite the River Master.