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Interstate Water Management Committee Meeting Summary January 23, 2019 Conference Call

  1. Call to Order—Chair Drew Dehoff, SRBC

Drew called to order at 9:04 a.m. MST

  • Introductions of Participants on the call: 

Drew Dehoff, Chair and SRBC, Sue Lowry, Executive Director, ICWP, Rhonda Manning, PADEP; Brian Atkins, Alabama Office of Water; Ken Brazil, Arkansas NRC.

  • Work Plan Items for Committee to Address:

Drew mentioned the meeting summary that was sent after the last call and noted that focus on the 2006 Report was a high priority; the Report update and related Interstates Primer will be the main work focus for the Committee.

  1. Review and Update the 2006 Interstates Report:

Drew provided a very useful section by section review of the Report, focusing on what areas should be higher priorities for the update, and  we need to be mindful during the update of developing a product that will be used and that is the most beneficial to ICWP and its members.

Intro:  What contemporary topics need to be added?

Background: “History is history”, but the Opportunities section will need updating on changes like WRDA landscape changes and climate change preparation.

Section III:Info from this section will be helpful to develop Primer, such as descriptions of how interstate management can be organized or governed.

Federal Role:  The “Relevant Statutory” section is listed in TOC but is not in report.  This would be a good area for an intern to work on. 

Case Studies: This section  will need full review and perhaps additions.

Findings and Recommendations:  This section will also need full review. 

A main recommendation of the 2006 Report was the formation of a FACA to deal with Water Policy.  Sue described that Peter Evans worked a lot on this topic, but it was difficult to get anyone within the Federal government to appreciate the need. One avenue for the update might be to work in some way through the ACWI rather than suggesting an entirely new FACA, which will be difficult. It was noted that one area where there has been substantial change since 2006 is in Water Supply data and the integrating of data nationally. 

The updated Directory section should include regional water entities that cross state lines as these types of organizations could be formed into the future, whereas the development of new multi-state compacts and associated commissions are probably unlikely.

Drew noted that in his review of the Report that the ICWP’s National Water Policy Charter (Appendix 1) was mentioned, but that link is not working on our new website.  Sue will locate the Charter and get it live on the website. For Appendix 2 (Structural and Operational Characteristics) should focus on what’s changed in the landscape of financing the work of interstates and relationships with the federal agencies.

  • Develop an Interstate Water Management “Primer” document

Section III of the updated report can provide some good background.  End document could be 2 or 4 pages to keep to general summary of interstate organization. Could lump into general organizational categories:  Commission, Associations, etc.  Describing as many interstate organizations as possible is the goal (example discussed of entities like Tri-State)

  • Make assignments for review and Update of sections

Drew and Sue will work on a Statement of Purpose that describes the goals for the update and a general timetable.  Dividing up the revisions/ additions among committee members will proceed after reviewing the Statement of Purpose and holding the Interstate discussion at the Roundtable. 

Brian mentioned how robust the Report is and much of the information remains germane and relevant.

  • Any topics Interstate in nature for Panels at the Washington Roundtable?

A portion of the Planning panel will be used for a facilitated discussion on the main topics of interest to those attending the Roundtable that need to be included in the update of the Interstates Report and getting feedback from the group on the Statement of Purpose goals. 

  1. Any Interstate message to have prepared for the Water Sub-Cabinet portion of the Roundtable?

Questions will be provided to the Sub Cabinet members prior to the event on April 3, so if the committee has topics specific to interstate water issues, they should get those to Sue by mid-March. 

  • ICWP Internship Program—Spring semester, 2019

Helping with the update of the 2006 Report will be one of the 4 or 5 topics offered to the students for their work product during the internship. The deadline for application is Feb. 8, so the students will be completing much for their work prior to attending the Roundtable in April. 

  • Other items for the Committee’s consideration—None were raised
  • Next call or webinar—Feb. 27th noon MST; 1 p.m. Central and 2 Eastern