Starting Jan2015!!

We are pleased to announce that Ryan Mueller, P.E. is the unanimous choice of the ICWP Board of Directors to become Executive Director of our organization! Ryan will begin full time on January 1, 2015. Peter Evans is retiring from the position, but will continue on a part-time basis as our Washington contact and senior adviser.

As a long-time member of ICWP, a past Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, Ryan has shown sustained enthusiasm for the mission of ICWP and will help us achieve the goals set out in our new Strategic Plan. We also hope to build on Ryan’s work to expand by continuing to enhance the value of membership.

We owe great thanks, of course, to Peter and to Jerry Schulte, who organized an excellent Selection Committee, and to the other 6 candidates who showed such great interest in and support for the ICWP mission. Thank you all!

Edward Swaim, Chairman