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Annual Membership Meeting Minutes – October 11, 2018

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes Oklahoma City, OK – October 11, 2018 Chair Julie Cunningham welcomed all to the meeting while calling the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. Board members in attendance were Julie Cunningham, Chair, Brian Atkins, 1st Vice Chair, Amy Shallcross, 2nd Vice Chair, Drew Dehoff, Treasurer, Ed Swaim, Kirsten Wallace, Heidi Moltz, […]

Corps of Engineers FY 2019 Appropriations Passed

The President signed the FY 2019 Minibus Appropriation Bill on 21 September. It combined appropriations for the Legislative Branch, Military Construction, Veteran Affairs, and Energy & Water Development that funds the Army Corps of Engineers. This ensures the Corps will be fully funded the start of the new fiscal year (FY19), that begins October 1. This […]


Minutes Board of Directors meeting September 14, 2018

MINUTES BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 The meeting took place by phone. Executive Director Sue Lowry was in attendance, and Board participants included: Julie Cunningham (Chair), Brian Atkins (Vice Chair), Pam Bush (Second Vice Chair) (arrived during Treasurer’s Report), Drew DeHoff (Treasurer), Dru Buntin, Jen Orr, and Amy Shallcross. ⦁ Call to Order […]