Potential Planning Assistance to States (PAS) Funding opportunity

Dear ICWP Members and Friends,

I had a discussion yesterday with Beverly Hayes who is the Planning Assistance to States (PAS) national Program Manager. During the call she mentioned that she has $2 million remaining for this current fiscal year (FY18) for the PAS program that needs to get obligated before the end of this federal fiscal year (September 30).

So, if you have a project that is far enough along that a Scope of Work is ready to be written and if its project purposes fall within the authorization of PAS, Beverly would be open to talking with you about getting the project funded.  The project can be either in the Comprehensive Planning or the Technical Assistance authorities of PAS.  If your Scope of Work meets the criteria, then a project agreement would need to be negotiated and as those sometimes take some time, the sooner contacting Beverly with your Scope of Work, the better.

Here is her contact info:

Beverly Hayes, PAS Program Manager

Beverley.A.Hayes@usace.army.mil  (and yes, there is an extra “e” in Beverley)

Phone:  251-690-2558

Her office is in Mobile, AL, and so is on Central time.

I can be reached via email (sue.icwp@gmail.com)or at 307-630-5804 if there are any questions I might be able to help with.