ICWP 2022 Committee Meeting Schedule

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NWS Atlas 14 Program Fact Sheet–March, 2020

The Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center (HDSC) within the Office of Water Prediction of NOAA’s NWS has been updating precipitation frequency estimates for various parts of the United States and affiliated territories in its Atlas 14…

2020 Senate Streamgage Letter (FY21)


2020 House Streamgage Letter (FY21)


Minutes Board of Directors meeting February 6, 2020

In attendance: Amy Shallcross, Sue Lowry, Drew Dehoff, Heidi Moltz, Jodee Pring, Lauren Salvato, Earl Lewis, Julie Cunningham, Rhonda Manning, Jennifer Hoggatt and Brian Atkins Action Items: Sue Lowry asked that each of the Board…
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Legislation & Policy Committee Meeting Summary February 28, 2020 Conference Call

Call to Order—Kirsten Wallace, Chair-called to order at 10:04 a.m. Central Introductions of Participants on the call:  Kirsten Wallace, Chair; Katherine Zitsch, Sue Lowry, Kelly Pennington, Sam Swartz, Brian Atkins, Amy Shallcross.  WRDA…